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Dominic & Thea Muir

Dominic is an evangelist, teacher, author ('God Hunger: Meditations from a Life of Longing' and ‘Fire Brand’) and revivalist with a passion for street ministry and the priesthood of all believers. Before founding Jesus Fields, Dominic ran an itinerant ministry called Now Believe and is also founder of David's Tent, a three day annual Christian worship event in the UK. 

Dominic and Thea have a passion for gathering God’s children together in community and enjoying His beautiful presence. From that place of gracious, fiery encounter they long to see mature disciples of Jesus raised up in every place so that the rest of the world might be impacted by a bold, sacrificial,

missional church carrying out the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dominic and Thea have been married two years. Thea is an artist and entrepreneur and together they run a movement that celebrates true identity called I Am So Many Things. I Am So Many Things brings transformation through beautiful truths and excellent products. Our mission is two fold. Firstly, we want to see a whole generation of believers walking in the fullness of who God made them to be. Secondly, through creative, excellent and accessible products and truths we want to provoke the unchurched to question everything they are living for.

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Daniel & Tanya Chand

Daniel Chand is the founder of Walking Like Jesus and is married to his wife Tanya. Together they have one daughter. As an Evangelist, Daniel travels the nations preaching and equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry.

Prior to accepting Jesus, Daniel was an amateur boxer, living a life of violence & negativity. Later resulting in him getting arrested and facing an 8-year imprisonment. Whilst Daniel was on bail, he was in a dark place, It was through his desperation that Daniel was told about Jesus. There the love of God broke into Daniels life and this led to his powerful conversion.

He has been featured on Channel 4 news for his evangelism, a number of Christian TV Channels, and various secular newspaper articles. Daniel and Tanya both have a passion to see the UK transformed and saved. 

Tanya is an inspirational speaker and author. Tanya’s heart is to see people know God as their Father and take on their identity as strong children of God.

She has an overwhelmingly powerful life story, which has been shared in her book  'Brave'.

When Tanya was 13 years old she took a life-threatening overdose. This left Tanya on a life support machine and in a coma for three days. Just before the Doctor's turned the life support off, Tanya made a response.

Tanya survived the overdose and was placed into the care system with Christian Foster Parents. It was during her years in Foster Care she would turn to Jesus.

She has had her testimony featured in New Lifes National Christian Newspaper, iBelieve Magazine and Premier Radio.